Federal Charges

Stakes Are Higher In Federal Court

If you are facing an arrest or charged with a federal crime, it is important that you and your family understand the seriousness of the situation. While a criminal conviction of any kind can have a negative impact on your life, the potential penalties attached to federal charges and convictions are much higher and stricter than those from a state prosecutor.

Why are prosecutors charging you in federal court rather than a state court? Generally, charges of drugs, crimes that cross state lines or those that involve federal investigators will result in federal charges. The mandatory minimum prison sentences for such crimes are longer for someone convicted in federal court. For a strong criminal defense to federal charges, an individual needs highly experienced attorneys who prepare for a possible trial from day one.

Roth Weinstein, LLC is an Omaha and Council Bluffs-based criminal defense firm with trial attorneys who have represented individuals in many criminal courts throughout Iowa and Nebraska. We have represented clients in the federal courts in both these states as well, including the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals.

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