The Difference Between Felony And Misdemeanor Assault

If you are facing assault charges, you may or may not realize the difference between the law’s definition of felony and misdemeanor assault. If a person causes serious bodily harm or injury, such as a broken bone, it is felony assault. The penalty could be anywhere from one to several years in prison.

If an assault results in minor injuries, such as cuts, bruises and scrapes, you could face a charge of misdemeanor assault. Our firm has experience in determining the strongest possible criminal defense given the circumstances of each case, including domestic assaults and sexual assault charges.

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Sometimes people find themselves accused of a crime as serious as sexual assault. Many times in a sexual assault case there is no physical evidence, but only the word of one person who has leveled an unthinkable accusation at you.

These cases often can come down to the defense attorney’s questioning of this one witness. At Roth Weinstein, LLC, our defense lawyers in Omaha and Council Bluffs have taken many of these cases to trial, and we have obtained not-guilty verdicts for our clients. We are well-versed with the laws in both Nebraska and Iowa, and in state and federal courts.

Not every case we have taken has ended in dismissal or acquittal, but we are able to help clients navigate the criminal justice system and achieve the results they wanted.

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