Methamphetamine Crimes

Fighting Misdemeanor And Felony Methamphetamine Charges

Whether you have been charged with meth possession or an interstate methamphetamine crime, you need to recognize that police and prosecutors will aggressively pursue their case against you. Meth is recognized for its addictive quality. Lives are devastated when this drug is abused.

In their effort to eliminate meth from the streets, however, law enforcement agents and prosecutors may push the boundaries of what is legally acceptable. Their unlawful actions may infringe upon your rights. In the end, unconstitutional actions can lead to a meth conviction on your criminal record with severe long-term consequences.

Methamphetamine Counsel

From our offices in Omaha, our skilled trial lawyers at Roth Weinstein, LLC are dedicated to preserving your rights throughout the criminal process. We will examine the events leading to your search and circumstances surrounding your interrogation. If we determine that your constitutional rights were violated, we will act accordingly.

We are passionate about the law and will fight to ensure that it is upheld throughout the course of your case.

Our criminal defense practice represents individuals who have been charged with meth offenses, ranging from simple possession to manufacturing to distribution and felony trafficking. Successfully defending against meth charges requires a vast understanding of state and federal laws. Our team of criminal defense attorneys has substantial experience handling cases on the state, federal and appellate level in Nebraska and Iowa.

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