DUI Charges

Why Should I Hire A DUI Defense Lawyer?

Some individuals might shrug off a drunk driving charge, especially if it is a first offense. They want the case to be over as soon as possible. If you are in this situation, you might be considering pleading guilty to rid yourself of the worry that comes with a pending charge. Rather, consider this: Without an attorney, how will you know whether police handled your arrest properly? What if there was a chance your charge could be reduced or even dismissed and a guilty plea hurts you in the future?

Get your keys back

Many times, the outcome of a DUI (driving under the influence charge), will come down to the procedure involved with the traffic stop. The lawyers at Roth Weinstein, LLC have experience in DUI defense and the laws in Nebraska and Iowa. We review cases to see if the police followed all procedural rules and did not violate your constitutional rights. We have had success defending individuals against drunk driving charges and protecting them from higher penalties and fines in the future if they are convicted of a repeat offense.

Get Your License — And Your Life — Back On Track

Our lawyers also can help you move forward efficiently with the process of acquiring a temporary license while your case is pending. There are time limits involved — do not delay.

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