Appealing Immigration Decisions

Assisting You During The Immigration Appeals Process

If your immigration hearing has ended and you have received an unfavorable decision, this is not the end of your legal journey. You still have options. Immigration laws allow immigrants to appeal denied or revoked applications in an administrative court.

At Roth Weinstein, LLC, our attorneys have a deep understanding of immigration and naturalization law. We handle complex matters relating to citizenship, including representing clients in bond hearings, removal proceedings and immigration appeals to protect your rights at all stages of the legal process.

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After an immigrant judge has made a decision, you have a limited time to file your request for an appeal. You can rely on our lawyers to help you submit the correct paperwork and fees within the appropriate period of time.

Our partner, Chris Roth, is licensed to represent clients in administrative hearings. We write persuasive arguments on your behalf that explain your circumstances and provide reasons for reversing the original decision.

If the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) disagrees with our request, we will challenge this decision before the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). We are relentless in pursuing justice for our clients. Whether you live in Nebraska or Iowa, we provide the aggressive advocacy you deserve.

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