Detention Hearings

Protect Your Rights At A Detention Hearing

It happens every week, sometimes every day. An immigrant is arrested by state authorities, who then contact the immigration authorities. Immigration gets the person from state custody and puts them in immigration custody.

The impact of the arrest can be devastating to an immigration detainee and their family. Their job and ability to support a spouse and children are at risk. The individuals need strong arguments for a reduced bond.

detention hearing

At Roth & Weinstein, LLC, we have immigration attorneys highly experienced with detention hearings and matters involving U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). We have handled hundreds of immigration bond hearings in immigration court. Our attorneys have been highly successful in getting our clients out of detention so they can fight their immigration case while still being with their families.

We typically handle cases that involve complex issues, including cases that deal with serious criminal convictions. We have been successful at convincing immigration judges that our clients are eligible for bonds, and then convince the judge to let our clients out on a reasonable bond.

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